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In general most wireless phone carriers use one of GSM 900, GSM 1800 or 3G technologies. These refer to the different frequencies the carriers use to broadcast their network signals. Some carriers are licensed to use both GSM 900 and 1800, which means that you will need a dual band cellular repeater (gsm 900/1800 repeater or gsm 900/2100 repeater) or triband cellular repeater (gsm 900/1800/2100 repeater) in order to ensure compatibility.

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If you not sure about which network you are taken, vist Global Networks check the GSM World Network Coverage Site, or please Contact Us and we will help determine which solution is best for you.

Singal Band Cellular Repeater

Personal GSM 900 Cellular Repeater

New Mini Personal GSM 900 Mobile Phone Signal Repeater
- All GSM 900 Networks
- Simple Installation
- Money Back Gaurantee
- Coverage: 100sqm
Special Price: £105.97

Dual Band Cellular Repeater

Tri-Band Cellular Repeater