Personal GSM 900 Mobile Repeater

The Personal GSM 900 Mobile Repeater mainly for home, office, meeting room, basement, park, hotel, farm etc coverage area 100sqm. The LCD indicator show Mobile Phone Signal Strength and Mobile Repeater Working Condition. It works with worldwide GSM 900MHz Networks.

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The personal gsm 900 mobile repeater comes with everything you need to boost coverage in your area! It is simple to install, comes with 100% free technical support.

  • United Kingdom Networks:O2,Vodafone,Lebara,ASDA,Family
  • Coverage 100 sqm
  • Work with Worldwide All GSM 900 Networks
  • Money Back Guarantee
GSM 900 Mobile Repeater
Mobile Booster Improved Phone Services

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Tech Spec

Tech Spec

GSM Mobile Repeater Tech Spec
  • Frequency Range:Uplink 890~915MHz; Downlink 935~960MHz
  • Gain(dB):Uplink Gp≥50; Downlink Gp≥55
  • Power: -70 ~ -40 dBm / FA(1.23MHz)
  • Output Power: ≥ 10dBm
  • Pass Band Ripple:≤3dB
  • I/O Impedance:50Ω/N Connector
  • Noise Figure:≤4dB
  • Transmission Delay:≤0.5μs
  • Ambient Temperature:-10℃~60℃
  • Power Supply:AC110~220V±10% 45~55MHz
  • Reliability:To the GB6993-86 Standard
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility:To the ETS300 694-4 Standard
  • Function:LED Scree Show Outdoor Signal and Repeater Working Condition.
  • Coverage Area:100 sqm
  • Package Weight:2.5KG(With K19K Carton)
  • Kit Dimension:200x100x20mm
  • Package Dimension:270x230x15mm
  • Kit Include:
    • 1 x Personal GSM 900 Mobile Repeater
    • 1 x External High Gain Panel Antenna
    • 1 x Interior Whip Omni-Direction Antenna
    • 1 x 10 Meter(35 feet) 50-5D Coax Cable to Connect to Repeater
    • 1 x AC/DC Power Supply(With Your Country The Right Plug)
    • 1 x Easy to Follow Installation Manual

    Easy Install

    Easy Install

    GSM Mobile Repeater Installation
    1. Check outdoor signal with mobile phone bars, 4-5 bars (full bar) or good calls quality is the best place to mount external antenna. If only 1-2 bars recommend upgrade external antenna with Higher Gain Yagi Antenna so can get stronger boosted signal or Upgrade Cable to find the best place.
    2. Select place indoor install mobile phone signal repeater and interior antenna. Recommend on the top center of the room that need boosted signal, so signal can cover each corners.
    3. Connect external antenna to "BTS" interface on mobile phone signal repeater.
    4. Connect interior antenna to "MOBILE" interface on mobile phone signal repeater.
    5. Lightning Surge Protector is designed to Protect your equipment from high amperage surges due to lightning strikes on aerials or masts in close proximity to the device. This unit is rated for 18KA of current surge and is very simple to install on any device.
    Installation Done



    GSM Mobile Repeater Shipping
    1. Postage is MUCH CHEAPER and delivery FASTER than you thought, price list already include postage.
    2. Sample orders send out to couriers within 24 hours on working day after orders placed, bulk order (200+ kits) 1~2 days. Tracking information and photo taken will send by then. Transit time only take 3 working days via DHL. You will get the parcel 3~7 working days after Tracking Number send.
    3. Our couriers include DHL, UPS or FedEx. FedEx Express courier is the priority to use.

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    4. Delivery Address in Remote Area: couriers will charge extra postage, price list not include remote area. Check DHL remote area with your post/zip code: If prefer with DHL and delivery address in Remote Area need to pay the extra postage £26.85.
    5. We experienced on DROP SHIP: Ship the cargo to you or your customers directly from us. Less cost and higher efficiency.



    GSM Mobile Repeater FAQ
    1. High gain, easy installation and operation.
    2. Full-duplex, single-port design, build-in power supply.
    3. Use ALC technology, adjust extent automatically.
    4. LED Light Working & Signal Condition Indicators.
    5. Big linear power, control intermediations & saturations stably.
    6. Dependability stand by GB6993-86 standard.
    7. Compatibility of electromagnetism according with ETS300 609-4.
    8. CE and ROHS Approved.

    Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery