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O2 mobile repeater United Kingdom

If you not sure about which network you are taken, or vist Global Networks check the GSM World Network Coverage Site.

European: Also can choose the right O2 networks operate firstly, then determine which Recommend O2 Mobile Repeater can be used with your phone carrier.

O2 Networks Countries: United Kingdom | Czech Republic | Germany | Ireland | Slovakia

O2 Network Operate in Countries Technology
Recommend O2 Repeaters
United Kingdom O2 Mobile Repeater
Telefónica UK Limited (O2) GSM 900/1800
Telefónica UK Limited (O2 (UK)) 3G 2100

Czech Republic O2 Mobile Repeater
Telefónica Czech Republic a.s. (O2 - CZ) 3G 2100
Telefónica Czech Republic a.s. (O2 - CZ) GSM 900/1800

Germany O2 Mobile Repeater
Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co.OHG (O2 (Germany)) 3G 2100
Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co.OHG (O2 (Germany)) GSM 1800

Ireland O2 Mobile Repeater
Telefonica Ireland Limited (O2) 3G 2100
Telefonica Ireland Limited (O2) GSM 900/1800

Slovakia O2 Mobile Repeater
Telefónica Slovakia, s.r.o. (O2 - SK) GSM 900/1800
Telefónica Slovakia, s.r.o. (O2 - SK) 3G 2100