Mobile Phone signal booster/mobile phone singal repeater

What is A Mobile Phone Signal Booster/Mobile Phone Signal Repeater?

Are you fed up with constantly losing your Mobile phone signal while at home or at the office? Would you like to reduce the number of dropped calls and static interrupted phone conversations?

Well now you can get a product called a Mobile Phone Signal Booster or Mobile Phone Signal Repeater that can greatly boost your mobile phone signal. A Mobile Phone Signal Repeater is a small electronic device that is specifically designed to boost the wireless signal and amplify it so that the signal range is increased. This is especially great in either a home or office where you are experiencing a weak or no signal.

How Do Mobile Phone Signal Booster work?

A mobile phone signal booster is actually quite simple and work in a similar way to a television aerial. All the booster does is enhance a current signal and amplify it so that it is stronger and covers a greater area.

What Are The Capabilities Of Mobile Phone Signal Repeater?

Mobile phone signal repeater can help you to reduce dropped calls, eliminate dead zones, improve the battery life of your mobile phone, and increase signal range.

Do Mobile Phone Signal Booster Actually Work?

Many signal booster manufacturers claim that their Mobile Phone Signal Boosters are able to improve Mobile phone signal strength by up to 5 times. This means that you could go from having 1 bar of service to 5 bars by simply installing and powering up a Mobile booster.

Improving your signal strength by that much is possible but in most circumstances you are probably only going to add and extra 2-3 bars of service.  In circumstances where you are in a basement or building with cement walls you are going to need micro amplifiers connected to the external antenna.

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